Model Rodney Odinga


- "There are people for you! Just think—they never go to sleep!"

- "And why don't they?"

- "Because they're fools."

- "Don't fools get tired, then?"

- "How could fools get tired?”

                                                                                        Franz Kafka


This project was born from a snapshot of a street performer, I made in Bruges.

"A Fool And A Brother" is a narration of a tramp! And nothing can fascinate me more! That was him who told me the story of Ulysses!

Many will take him for a slacker! Just some will remember him as a bard, a minstrel, a fabulous liar...


My Fool isn't a prophet, neither a hero! He certainly can be canonized, but it isn't his wish. His foolishness is a state of perception of the surrounding as a very temporarily and therefore not to be taken seriously! My Fool's mission is to destroy common categories and values. And not by the call of the mighty father, but because of recognition of death as the end of his joyful foolishness. He is able to love and to grieve and even become hysterical in his manifestations. But no bombastic shit is allowed in his existence! I definitely idolize my Fool! He is just a freak! But this is the way I would love to see him!


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